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Bokeelia Real Estate: The Waterfront Charm of Bocilla Island Club

Affordable Waterfront Living at Bocilla Island Club

Bocilla Island Club, a prominent condominium complex in the Bokeelia real estate market, offers an enticing combination of affordability and waterfront luxury. Built in 1986 on the northern tip of Pine Island, this complex presents low-rise condos that are not just homes but gateways to a serene island lifestyle. The affordability of Bocilla Island Club condos for sale makes them highly appealing to a range of buyers, from those seeking a tranquil retreat to investors looking for valuable waterfront property in Bokeelia.

A Host of On-Site Amenities and Natural Beauty

The condos at Bocilla Island Club not only provide close proximity to various attractions but also feature an array of excellent on-site amenities. Residents can enjoy private boat docks, making it easy to explore the surrounding waters or indulge in some of the area’s best fishing experiences. Additionally, the community’s golf access and expansive water views enhance the living experience, offering both recreation and scenic beauty. These amenities make Bocilla Island Club condos for sale particularly attractive to those seeking an active yet peaceful lifestyle in the Bokeelia real estate market.

Conveniently Located in Lee County’s 33922 Zip Code

Situated in the 33922 zip code of Lee County, Bocilla Island Club boasts a location that’s rich in entertainment options. The complex’s proximity to Boca Grande Pass, known for its world-class tarpon fishing, adds to its allure for anglers and water enthusiasts. Nearby attractions like Lazy Flamingo and Bocilla Island Club West further ensure that residents have a variety of leisure and dining options within easy reach. This blend of on-site amenities and nearby attractions enhances the appeal of Bocilla Island Club in the Bokeelia real estate market.

A Community Synonymous with Island Serenity

Bocilla Island Club in Bokeelia stands as a testament to the tranquil yet engaging lifestyle that Pine Island offers. The community provides more than just homes; it offers a lifestyle deeply connected to the water and the natural beauty of Southwest Florida. Whether it’s for a permanent residence, a vacation home, or as an investment, Bocilla Island Club provides an ideal setting for a fulfilling and peaceful lifestyle in Bokeelia.


Bocilla Island Club condos for sale represent a unique opportunity in the Bokeelia real estate market, offering a blend of affordable waterfront living, comprehensive amenities, and a prime location. For those seeking a serene coastal lifestyle with the benefits of a well-appointed community, Bocilla Island Club stands out as a premier destination in Bokeelia.

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