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Luxury Real Estate in Southwest Florida

Luxury Real Estate in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida, particularly in the areas of Fort Myers and Cape Coral, is home to some of the most lavish and opulent million-dollar homes that the region has to offer. EXP Realty takes pride in showcasing these extravagant residences, which feature amenities like hundred-thousand-dollar pools and unparalleled access to the Caloosahatchee River Watershed and the Gulf of Mexico.

Diverse Luxury Real Estate Options

Luxury in Southwest Florida transcends single-family residences. The market also includes multimillion-dollar condos in Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach, offering 24-hour concierge services and covered parking for multiple vehicles. Whether it’s a $1 million single-family home or a high-end condo, homeowners typically enjoy incredible waterfront access, some even with the luxury of docking a hundred-foot yacht right in their backyard.

Exclusive Million Dollar Lots and Gated Communities

In these award-winning Southwest Florida neighborhoods, some lots start at over $1 million. EXP Realty features a dedicated segment on our website for ‘million dollar land for sale’ in Fort Myers and Cape Coral. This selection includes not just waterfront properties but also commercial and equestrian lands, showcasing the diversity in luxury Southwest Florida real estate.

Custom-Built Residences in Idyllic Settings

Many million-dollar homes in Southwest Florida are situated within gated communities. These custom-built, one-of-a-kind residences allow for elegant entertaining and, in some cases, even boast private beaches as a testament to their incredible locations. These homes represent the pinnacle of luxury living, offering exclusivity and privacy in serene settings.

Sanibel Island: A Hub of Luxury Estates

Over 100 luxury homes, each priced over $1 million, are currently for sale on Sanibel Island in the 33957 ZIP Code. Located on prestigious streets like West Gulf Dr., Bird Lane, Isabel Drive, and Joewood Drive, these luxury estates in Sanibel Island are a true embodiment of paradise. Most of these residences are dramatic waterfront properties, often gated, offering panoramic views of the stunning sunsets that Sanibel Island is famous for.

The most expensive homes for sale in SW Florida

Sanibel Island
Real Estate

Distinctive Features and High-End Finishes

These million-dollar homes in Sanibel Island and other parts of Southwest Florida are distinguished by their distinctive features and high-end finishes. They often boast beautifully landscaped grounds adorned with royal palms, native colorful flowers, and plants, enhancing their allure.

EXP Realty: Your Gateway to Luxury Real Estate

At EXP Realty, we specialize in luxury Southwest Florida real estate, offering an extensive portfolio of high-end properties. Our expert team is committed to providing an exceptional real estate experience, guiding you through the journey of discovering your dream luxury home.


Luxury real estate in Southwest Florida is not just about the homes; it’s a lifestyle. With EXP Realty, you gain access to a world where extravagant amenities, stunning natural beauty, and architectural excellence come together. Whether you’re seeking a sprawling waterfront estate, a sophisticated condo, or a unique piece of land to build your dream home, Southwest Florida’s luxury real estate market, presented by EXP Realty, offers endless possibilities.

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