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Pine Island Real Estate

Pine Island, FL sits just off the coast of Fort Myers and Cape Coral, giving it access to both cities and all the attractions available there. Golf courses, shops and restaurants can all be found in the cities, as well as a number of restaurants and shops on Pine Island itself. The golf courses available to Pine Island homes residents are magnificent and cater to any level player. A number of popular beaches can also be reached from Pine Island, including Fort Myers beach and Sanibel. While Pine Island may be like living in a tropical paradise, the city is never far and the convenience of the city lifestyle is just a short drive away.

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33922 Pine Island (North – Bokeellia) | 33956 Pine Island (South – St James City)

Pine Island homes available are impressive to say the least. The real estate characterizes the island lifestyle meticulously, utilizing stucco architecture with slate and tile roofs. Additionally, some homes feature wood siding to accent the bungalow architecture style, which goes hand in hand with the beach feel the island gives off. While the exteriors of the homes are designed to mesh with the palm trees and tropical greenery which can be seen all over Pine Island homes and condos, the interiors take functionality and convenience into account with a slew of upgrades and renovations. Granite countertops and vaulted ceilings are popular and many of the homes feature open floor plans that make the homes flow from room to room in most pine Island homes for sale.

More information about Pine Island Homes

The majority of the Pine Island homes are within walking distance from the beach and Pine Island have direct access to the gulf. Parks also flourish close to  Pine Island homes and green spaces abound with acres of land for recreation and leisure. Pine Island Elementary School is located right in the middle of Pine Island and offers elementary education for the residents of Pine Island. Churches are also popular on the island, ranging from episcopal to Baptist congregations. The Pine Island Airport is also located on the island for easy travel opportunities and if you have a Pine Island homes access is super easy.

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