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Bonita Springs Real Estate

Discover the Best Bonita Springs Real Estate Deals

If you’ve dreamed of living in a place filled with serene ocean waves and sunny skies, then Bonita Springs, Florida is the perfect destination. Boasting an incredible landscape and modern amenities for locals to enjoy, this Southwest region has gained significant attention from those looking for real estate opportunities. With its tranquil atmosphere resembling that of small town life coupled with plenty of wildlife roaming around freely plus prosperous economic activity – it’s no surprise why so many find their way here.

We are ready to provide advice on navigating through the world of Bonita Springs Real Estate! From single-family homes all along our coastlines to condos nestled within our city limits, there’s something unique waiting for everyone interested in finding property near by. Let us be your guide as we explore what captivating surroundings await behind each available plot!

Bonita Springs FL: A Real Estate Haven




New Homes


Gated Pool Homes

Residents of Southwest Florida are drawn to the city of Bonita Springs, with a population estimated at 53,644 by 2020 census. This charming seaside town provides small-town comforts and big city benefits. 806 properties for sale listed through real estate boutique agencies make it an attractive option in terms of cost—the median price per home being $591,199. The area also has plenty going on from its beautiful beaches to Riverside Park offering art exhibitions and entertainment all year round making this beachside destination desirable for prospective homeowners looking to settle in Southern Florida.

Bonita Springs real estate by price

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Small Town Charm with Big City Amenities

Bonita Springs, situated between Fort Myers and Naples, is a beach town located in the 34135 zip code, offering inhabitants the best of both worlds in terms of small-town charm as well as city amenities. Covered picnic tables, benches scattered throughout the parks, and courts for tennis are among some of these features which makes life here so desirable. Moreover. Hosting events like Thunder Beach Promenade, Stardust Memories Big Band concert or Theatre Odyssey Food Festival creates an atmosphere that brings people together with a shared sense of belonging within its community. The heated pool at Gumbo Limbo adds to this perfect image – making Bonita Springs one’s ideal residence spot!

Dining and Shopping

Bonita Springs, Florida is home to a wide range of shopping and eating establishments that cater to all budgets. Whether you’re looking for an international feast or some classic American fare, there are many options available here. Visitors can explore the Flamingo Island Flea Market, Bonita Springs Farmers Market, Promenade At Bonita Bay and Tangerine Coastal as well as Coconut Point, The Promenade at Bonita Bay, Pelican Village or Freestyle for unique finds. There’s also a DeRemos Gourmet market. Diamond District and Collectors Consortium in case you’d like something special such as limited edition items. When it comes down to dining out – whether it be fine cuisine or cafe-style, folks will find whatever they desire here in beautiful bonital springs!

Proximity to Naples and Other Cities

Bonita Springs is an ideal destination for travelers who want to experience all the wonders of Southwest Florida. Located just 14 miles away, Naples offers upscale shopping, golf courses and communities to attractions like the Revs Institute, Botanical Garden and Zoo. There are several nearby cities with respective zip codes. Namely Naples Park, San Carlos Park, Golden Gate, Fort Myers Beach, Naples Villas, Cypress Lake. With so many options within a short distance of Bonita Springs ranging from beaches to vibrant city life, visitors can be sure that this corner of Florida will never disappoint them when it comes experiencing something new each time they visit!

Open Houses and New Construction Opportunities

Attending open houses and taking a closer look at new construction developments in Bonita Springs are great ways to uncover the best real estate opportunities within this vibrant community. Keep up-to-date with all of these possibilities to make sure you can find your perfect home.

Attending Open Houses

Exploring properties in the Bonita Springs area is simplified by attending open houses. You can easily access details on upcoming events through websites such as Redfin and, allowing you to compare multiple homes before making an informed decision about potential purchases or investments.

When visiting a property, it’s important to conduct research prior and come prepared with questions regarding the neighborhood amenities. Having a checklist will help keep your visit organized while enabling discussion with your realtor for strategy purposes when attempting to identify prospective customer interests in various housing options.

Exploring New Construction Developments

Bonita Springs presents an exciting opportunity for prospective property consumers due to its range of available housing developments, each featuring modern amenities and the newest design trends. These properties include single-family homes, townhouses and condominiums all with upgraded kitchens, open floor plans or energy saving features. Properties also come equipped with high speed internet access as well as opulent bathrooms. Many even offer outdoor living areas such as courtyards, community pools or gardens so residents can enjoy nature’s beauty without leaving home! Security systems along with smart home technology make these newly built units highly desirable options too, while some may feature sustainability elements that enable homeowners to lower their carbon footprint in a stylish manner. The diversity provided by new construction on Bonita Springs allows prospective customers to find just what they need when shopping around for a dwelling that perfectly aligns both preference and lifestyle needs – no matter whether it be single family houses, condos or apartments!

Staying Informed on Upcoming Projects

Keeping up with the most recent projects and construction offerings is essential for staying competitive when searching for real estate in Bonita Springs. Staying informed will help you find your ideal property, as there are many websites that display listings of new homes available, such as Zillow,, NewHomeSource Trulia, Redfin and All of which can be considered reliable sources of information on developments within this city. Some current constructions being developed by Coastaledge Real Estate LLC include Altaira®, Coves of Estero Bay Talis Park Fairgroves Ardena & Solis Grande to name a few- making sure you know about them puts you ahead so consider checking these sites frequently! With accurate facts at hand, you’ll put yourself in an even better position to make choices when looking around buying/investing into properties here in beautiful Bonita Springs, keep updated often!

Abundant Wildlife and Natural Beauty

For nature lovers, EXP Realty has properties listed in Bonita Springs that offer a chance to take in the area’s natural beauty. You can find manatees and roseate spoonbills as well as other wildlife like Florida panther, gopher tortoise and smalltooth sawfish – some of which are endangered species here.

The outdoor activities available at Barefoot Beach Preserve State Park or Lovers Key State Park show off non-commercial spaces plus stunning views for your pleasure. You will also discover Koreshan State Park or Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. Last but not least is the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State park with its many offerings – all showcasing why it’s such an ideal place if you’re looking to settle down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bonita Springs a good place to live?

Bonita Springs, located in Lee County, which is rated one of the top places to live in Florida, possesses a remarkable mix of quaintness as well as ample tourist attractions. With an estimated population of over 53 000 people, it makes for a great choice whether you are looking to settle down or just pass through with its magnificent beaches and thick urban ambiance.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Bonita Springs?

Sorrento, in Bonita Springs, is the priciest neighborhood of them all with a median home listing price of $1.6M – followed by other areas like Bonita Bay, Vanderbilt Lakes/Bonita Shores and others that are located near beaches such as Village Walk/Bonita Beach Road Estates or Cordova at Spanish Wells to name a few. But also Pelican Landing and the recently established condominiums found within the Bonito National Golf & Country Club grounds as well as those around the lakeside residences known as Bonito Isles /lakes.

Are Florida house prices dropping?

Recent statistics suggest that Florida’s real estate market is on an upwards trend. In particular, the median sale price of homes has been steadily increasing from December 2021 to September 2023 – reaching a peak at $402,500 in the latter month. Due to limited inventory available in current markets, experts believe this upward swing will continue for some time into the future.

While trends across different states may vary greatly with regards to home prices and sales numbers, it can be assured that things are not heading southward in Florida right now – they’re actually continuing their climb up instead.

Is it a good time to buy a house in Florida?

Homeowners in Florida are seeing the market gradually progress, with a median sales cost that has risen by 9.6% since 2021 and only 27.6% of homes selling for less than their listed value. All things considered, this is an excellent time to purchase property in Florida as prices continue to increase steadily.

What types of properties are available in Bonita Springs?

Bonita Springs boasts an array of property options, ranging from single family homes to condos and townhomes, with many waterfront properties available as well. Whether it is a single-family house or any other kind of real estate you are looking for in this area.


With its breathtaking landscape and prosperous real estate industry, Bonita Springs is an exceptional choice for those who are in search of a home in Southwest Florida. Residents living here have access to various amenities, as well as proximity to other cities that make this place unrivalled when it comes to quality of life. Whether you’re aiming at looking through the local market or attending open houses near by or scouting new construction projects – if you invest your time into understanding what’s on offer, there’s no doubt that ideal property will be waiting for you regardless of your lifestyle demands and preferences.

Don’t miss out on such a chance: start searching today so that one day soon enough, you can enjoy every single part of Florida-style paradise!

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