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Bokeelia Real Estate: Discover the Charm of Charlotte Shores

Affordable Island Living in Charlotte Shores

Charlotte Shores, a highlight in the Bokeelia real estate market, offers an enticing blend of affordability and island living. This community stands out for those searching for reasonably priced properties without compromising on the quality of life. The availability of affordable island homes in Charlotte Shores makes it a popular choice for a range of buyers, from families looking for their first home to retirees seeking a peaceful island retreat. The emphasis on affordability in Charlotte Shores homes for sale appeals particularly to those who desire the island lifestyle offered by Bokeelia real estate but at a more accessible price point.

Fishing and Waterfront Recreation at Your Doorstep

Charlotte Shores boasts a prime location with intersecting canals, creating a haven for fishing enthusiasts and lovers of waterfront activities. This feature not only provides recreational opportunities but also enhances the scenic beauty of the subdivision. The presence of these waterways and the location on Pine Island open up a world of activities beyond fishing, adding to the appeal of Charlotte Shores homes for sale in the Bokeelia real estate market.

Conveniently Located in Bokeelia’s 33922 Zip Code

Situated in the 33922 zip code of Bokeelia, FL, Charlotte Shores offers convenient access to a variety of local attractions and amenities. The Kiehnau homes in Charlotte Shores are just a few minutes from numerous points of interest, making it easy for residents to explore and enjoy the island’s offerings. This strategic location ensures that residents of Charlotte Shores enjoy not just the tranquility of island living but also the convenience of nearby attractions and services.

Close to Nature and Local Cuisine

The real estate in Charlotte Shores is not only well-positioned for recreational activities but also offers proximity to natural attractions like Foster Bayou. Residents can relish in the natural beauty of the area and even take a leisurely walk to popular dining spots like Reds Fresh Seafood House. This proximity to both nature and culinary delights enhances the living experience in Charlotte Shores, making it a desirable destination for those considering Bokeelia real estate.


Charlotte Shores homes for sale present a fantastic opportunity in the Bokeelia real estate market for those seeking affordable island properties with ample recreational opportunities. The community’s waterfront location, convenient access to attractions, and proximity to natural beauty and dining make Charlotte Shores an ideal choice for a variety of buyers looking for a serene and fulfilling island lifestyle in Bokeelia.

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