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Glenview: A Pristine Waterfront Community in Fort Myers Beach Real Estate

Glenview in Fort Myers Beach is a symbol of luxury and tranquility, offering a unique waterfront living experience. This prestigious neighborhood, characterized by its array of high-end homes and breathtaking bayfront views, stands out as a premier location in the Fort Myers Beach real estate market.

Luxurious Waterfront Living in Glenview

Glenview is renowned for its waterfront single-family homes, many of which are located on canals providing direct access to Mantanzas Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. This feature makes Glenview not just a place to live but a boater’s paradise, offering residents the luxury of navigating the open waters right from their backyard. The bayfront homes in Glenview offer stunning views across to Jolie Island, creating an idyllic setting for homeowners.

The Architectural Grandeur of Glenview Homes

The neighborhood is home to an assortment of luxury homes, each showcasing beautiful styles and designs. These homes range in size from around 1,800 square feet to over 2,500 square feet, catering to a diverse set of preferences and lifestyles. Prices for these exquisite properties range from $1,350,000 to $3,290,000, reflecting the premium nature of this real estate. Glenview’s homes are known for their immaculate architecture and attention to detail, making them some of the most sought-after properties in the area.

A Community with Prime Location and Amenities

Located in the 33931 zip code of Lee County, Glenview is strategically positioned in the Mid Island area of Fort Myers Beach. This location offers residents easy access to a variety of attractions, including the Santini Shopping mall, famous for its swimwear, cruise wear, and sportswear at the Leanis Swimsuit Store. The community’s proximity to these amenities adds to the appeal of living in Glenview, making it a perfect spot for those who enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping and dining options.

Turnkey Rental Opportunities in Glenview

Apart from being a haven for permanent residents, Glenview also presents lucrative opportunities for real estate investors. Some of the homes in this community are perfect turnkey rental properties, appealing to those looking for a vacation home or a short-term rental investment. The combination of luxury, location, and the potential for rental income makes Glenview a wise choice for anyone looking to invest in Fort Myers Beach real estate.


Glenview in Fort Myers Beach is a community where luxury meets convenience and tranquility. Its array of million-dollar gulf access homes, coupled with the serene environment of Ostego Bay, makes it a standout in the Fort Myers Beach real estate market. Whether you are looking for a permanent residence, a vacation home, or an investment property, Glenview offers a lifestyle that is both luxurious and fulfilling, making it a top choice for discerning buyers and investors alike.

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