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Top Listings of Cape Coral Golf Course Homes for Sale

Imagine living in a tropical paradise, surrounded by lush greens and the gentle sound of a golf ball being struck into the horizon. Welcome to Cape Coral, Florida, where the dream of owning a cape coral golf course homes for sale can become a reality. Cape Coral offers a unique blend of premier golf communities, lifestyle advantages, and investment potential. Dive into the top cape coral golf course homes for sale and uncover expert advice on buying and selling your fairway haven.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore premier golf communities in Cape Coral offering a range of housing options and unique features.

  • Gain access to world-class amenities, engaging community features, tailored search tools & local insights when investing in a golf course home.

  • Partner with experienced realtors knowledgeable in the Cape Coral market for successful home preparation and sale.

Exploring Cape Coral’s Premier Golf Communities

Scenic view of a Cape Coral golf course home for sale, with lush green fairways and tranquil water features in the foreground, under a cloudy Florida sky

Cape Coral, located in Southwest Florida’s Lee and Collier counties, is a paradise for golfers with over 170 courses to choose from. Whether you are looking for single-family homes or villas to settle down into Cape life, the city has options available both in northwest and southwest areas of the cape that offer spectacular opportunities.

This article focuses on three great communities around some premier golf courses so that potential buyers can find their dream home easily among these top locations. With all this information at hand, there shouldn’t be any difficulty finding something suitable whilst making sure no important details have been left out!

Cape Royal: Crown Jewel of Cape Coral Golfing

Located in the city of Cape Coral, at Pine Island Road and north of Veterans Parkway, is a gated golf community called Cape Royal. Developed by Engle Homes, this neighborhood consists mainly of single-family dwellings on generous lots where homeowners can enjoy outdoor living comfortably. The exclusive atmosphere provided here features championship 27 holes with golf designed by renowned architects for an exciting experience which is complemented with facilities such as grill lounge clubhouse or pro shop, among others! For people seeking seclusion while being close to urban amenities. Cornerstone Coastal Properties offers properties within the famous Golf Course: Royal Golf Course. Tee, making it one alluring option to get their perfect home near luxury locations like this one.

The Charm of Coral Oaks Golf Course Residences

Coral Oaks Golf Homes, located in Cape Coral FL, offer a variety of affordable real estate options for golf enthusiasts looking to enjoy the benefits of living on a golf course. The different types range from regular ranch style homes up to Mediterranean courtyard designs that can fit any tastes and budgets without having an added cost like HOA fees or city services as water and sewer are provided by well and septic systems. It is unlike Cape Royal which does have a gated community giving its residents more freedom within their own home neighborhood when compared with other developments closer to the cape area.

Palmetto Pines: A Symphony of Gated and Open Skies

Residents of Palmetto Pines have the unique opportunity to choose between a gated community for more privacy, or an open and inviting lifestyle. For those looking for a luxurious living experience in this golf-front development, there is only one exclusive neighborhood – Palmetto Estates – with its eight home sites providing utmost luxury. Those who want something similar elsewhere can look into Palm Paradise Real Estate options which offer many amenities such as pools, fitness centers and tennis courts along with championship golfing experiences at their renowned 18 hole layout situated among picturesque views. Gating ensures that members of the community remain secure while simultaneously fostering connections between residents through shared interests on both recreational activities like golf and outdoor sports plus access to real estate services within close proximity.

The Lifestyle Advantage: Amenities & Community Features

Residents of Cape Coral have access to numerous lifestyle benefits thanks to the city’s golf communities, particularly top-notch golf amenities and active community features. Wake up in the morning with an amazing view of a picturesque course before hitting up nine holes. Then later, join friends at one of these clubs for lunch.

This portion dives into all that world class courses provide so you can maximize your experience as a passionate golfer within any given neighborhood or community near Cape Coral.

Tee Off in Style: Golf Amenities at Your Doorstep

Residents of Cape Coral have a range of golf facilities to choose from, each providing its own unique experience. For instance, the championship 27-hole course at Cape Royal boasts both a pro shop and practice facility so that players can improve their skills regardless of ability level. Meanwhile, those residing in the area around Coral Oaks Golf Course are able to enjoy tranquil surroundings on an 8 lake/37 bunker layout while playing their favorite sport. No matter which community residents pick when it comes to enjoying all things golf related, excellent amenities as well as lively culture await them in this city’s idyllic setting!

Making the Move: Selling Your Golf Course Home

When it comes to selling your golf home in Cape Coral, having the proper resources is imperative. From getting ready for a sale and selecting an appropriate realtor, there can be both thrilling and daunting moments throughout this process.

Below you’ll find advice from professionals on how to prepare your property situated near a golf course for marketing as well as help determine which real estate agent will make sure that everything transpires properly during the transaction stage.

Preparing Your Home for the Market

When you’re selling your golf course home, making the right presentation is paramount. Here are some tips to get ready for a successful sale.

  • Preparing and styling up your property

  • Eliminating any sign of animals in the house

  • Neutralising personal possessions

  • Making necessary changes without overdoing it. As well as decluttering closets if needed.

In order to attract purchasers, remember not to forget that there’s so much value beyond what initially meets the eye when offering a golf course residence which includes but isn’t limited to having amazing views of playing fields nearby, access rights or privileges at clubs plus such opportunities like outdoor living spaces renovated bathrooms and kitchens etc.

By taking advantage of this unique feature set alongside an immaculate appearance, interested parties will be more likely attracted by your residential proposition.

Partnering with the Right Realtor

When attempting to purchase or sell a property in the golf communities of Cape Coral, it is important to enlist the help of an experienced realtor. EXP Realty of Southwest FL is a reliable realty companies well-versed in this market. By researching online for relevant reviews as well as meeting up with these representatives face-to-face beforehand, you can feel confident that they will guide you through every step required for successful sales transaction. With their knowledge on current regulations and pricing trends. To strategic marketing advice on advertising your home specifically towards potential buyers. Securing just a deal becomes much more achievable!

The Investment Perspective: Why Choose Cape Coral?

Cape Coral, located in Southwest Florida, is an attractive destination for property investors due to its rapid growth and economical housing options. The city’s golf course homes have seen value increases of up to 70% over the last 5 years, a trend that looks likely to continue as per market reports.

For those looking not only for financial returns but also lifestyle benefits. Owning a Cape Coral golf home can offer desirable features such as high rental income possibilities (the highest U.S rate according to Florida Atlantic University research) and luxurious living environments all situated amidst lush green landscapes typically associated with these properties throughout the region.

The combination of potential investment returns together with tangible lifestyle advantages makes purchasing one of Cape Corals Golf Homes quite promising overall – a great choice worth considering further!

Tailored Search Tools: Find Your Perfect Fairway Home

In Cape Coral, the search for an ideal golf course home can be difficult. Thankfully, there are various sites such as Zillow and Cape Coral Home Sales that provide detailed listings of available properties in this area with their own personalized filters based on location, budget or desired features. Virtual tours allow you to explore each residence prior to visiting them, which makes finding your perfect cape coral property a breeze. Using these helpful tools will help you find the right house near any of its many golf courses within no time!

Local Insights: Schools, Shops, and Services

When looking for a golf course home in Cape Coral, it’s essential to understand the nearby area, including educational institutions like Palmetto-Pine Country Club and the highly rated Coral Oaks Golf Course. Such local resources will make choosing your desired abode easier since within these communities you’ll find plenty of shops as well as access to healthcare services which are top notch quality here. Besides that, amenities such as hospitals plus specialized care centers exist close by meaning all necessities can be taken advantage of from where you live. With great schooling options coupled with various facilities available near cape coral’s golf locations. Settling on your dream property is an achievable goal.


If you’re considering investing in a golf course property, or trying to sell one already owned, look no Than Cape Coral. Boasting world-class amenities and vibrant local communities as part of its unique lifestyle offering, this destination is the ideal choice for any avid golfer looking to capitalize on their investments with tailored search tools available for assistance. Enjoy teeing off amidst breathtaking scenery. Cape Coral awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cape Coral so cheap to live?

Cape Coral is an attractive option to relocate thanks to its economical features, like the lower cost of living and sales tax rate compared with other areas. Plus, there are no income or estate taxes making it a smart choice financially for those considering moving to this area.

Does Cape Coral have gated communities?

Cape Coral boasts a number of gated communities such as The Hermitage, Palmetto Pine Estates and Porto Vista Condos. These enclaves are situated within the Cape’s boundaries, providing peace and security for its residents.

Is Cape Coral a nice place to retire?

Cape Coral, with its pleasant weather and lack of a state income tax, provides an ideal environment for retirement. Popular activities like golfing on the many lush courses or relaxing by waterfront dining are easily accessible here in this coastal city near the Gulf of Mexico. It is no surprise that Cape Coral has been frequently lauded as one of America’s best places to retire. Sites such as WalletHub and Retirement Living have all given high rankings year after year.

Are house prices dropping in Cape Coral Florida?

In March 2023, the sale price of houses in Cape Coral was reported to be $399.5K on average, a decrease from last year which saw prices decline by 3.7%.

What types of homes are available in Cape Coral golf communities?

Cape Coral’s golf-centered housing offers many options, from single family homes to villas. Other choices are garden style condos, high-rise condominiums and townhouses, all within the Cape Coral area.

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