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A Boater’s Paradise in Pine Island Shores

Pine Island Shores, a premier destination in the Pine Island real estate for sale market, offers luxury homes in an ideal location for water enthusiasts. This community, situated in the 33956 zip code of St. James City, is a haven for boat enthusiasts and fishermen, thanks to its easy access to water. The proximity to San Carlos Bay, a renowned spot for some of the world’s best fishing, adds to the subdivision’s appeal. The unique positioning of Pine Island Shores in the Pine Island real estate for sale landscape makes it a sought-after location for those who cherish a lifestyle close to the sea.

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Stunning Views and Waterfront Living

Many homes in Pine Island Shores not only provide easy access to aquatic adventures but also boast backyards with private docks, perfect for boating or simply lounging by the water. This feature enhances the desirability of Pine Island Shores within the Pine Island real estate for sale market. Additionally, spectacular views of Pine Island Sound and the Intracoastal Waterway can be enjoyed from several homes in the community. These scenic vistas, coupled with the luxurious living spaces, make Pine Island Shores a standout choice for buyers searching for Pine Island real estate for sale.


For those exploring Pine Island real estate for sale, Pine Island Shores represents the pinnacle of waterfront living, combining luxury homes with unmatched access to water and breathtaking views. Whether it’s for boating, fishing, or simply enjoying the tranquil beauty of the sea, Pine Island Shores offers an exceptional lifestyle opportunity in Pine Island’s real estate market.

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