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Bali Hai: A Prime Choice Among Fort Myers Condos for Sale

Bali Hai stands out in the market for Fort Myers condos for sale, not only for its affordability but also for its exceptional living environment. Established in 1971 and located in the 33901 zip code in Lee County, this condominium complex is ideally situated for access to a wide array of entertainment options.

Strategic Location and Easy Access

A key factor that makes Bali Hai a desirable option for those searching for Fort Myers condos for sale is its strategic location off S. Cleveland Ave. This prime positioning enables residents to easily enjoy everything the area has to offer, from dining and shopping to cultural events.

Recreation and Leisure Opportunities

Proximity to recreational facilities adds to the appeal of Bali Hai in the Fort Myers condos for sale market. The Fort Myers Country Club and the Fort Myers Racket Club are close by, ensuring that recreational activities are always within easy reach for residents. This makes Bali Hai a perfect choice for those who value an active and engaging lifestyle.

Community Amenities and Attractions

For those considering Fort Myers condos for sale, Bali Hai offers attractive in-community amenities, such as a resident-exclusive community pool. This feature provides a convenient option for relaxation and socializing without leaving the comfort of the complex.

Connectivity and Convenience

Bali Hai’s appeal among Fort Myers condos for sale is further enhanced by its proximity to the Midpoint Bridge, a popular local attraction. Additionally, the complex’s closeness to schools, shopping centers, and public transportation makes it an ideal living choice for a wide range of residents, from young professionals to families.


When looking at Fort Myers condos for sale, Bali Hai emerges as a top contender, offering affordability, a great living environment, and convenient access to a variety of amenities and attractions. The combination of strategic location, recreational facilities, and community-focused features make Bali Hai a compelling choice for anyone seeking a comfortable and convenient condo living experience in Fort Myers.

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