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Can you really compare Cape Coral to Naples?

By Posted byLenora


Now it is hard to compare Cape Coral to Naples. They are so different in so many ways yet both offer such amazing waterfront access. Naples is without question a very expensive and fancy part of Southwest Florida. Cape Coral is arguably a much more affordable place to purchase a waterfront home. The recent five Million dollar + sale at Cape Harbor is proof of this. This 18,404 square-foot home sold for just over 5 million when most professionals agree that this home would sell for two to almost three times more than this just 45 minutes south of the area.

Now I know it is very difficult to compare the two cities but bang for your buck for what you get for waterfront access, fishing and the bonus of access to islands like Sanibel, Pine Island and Captiva are all an added bonuses to why I think Cape Coral is a much better deal for your perfect vacation waterfront property. If you are moving to Cape Coral and are actually still looking to work I would also say that Cape Coral offers more opportunity for jobs then the Naples area. With Hertz moving to Estero and everything that Fort Myers has to offer from a manufacturing and retail standpoint Cape Coral hands-down offers many more job opportunities in the Naples area. I’d also like to mention that Fort Myers has an international airport and accessibility to Cape Coral to Fort Myers is much easier into Naples.

Don’t get me wrong Naples is an absolutely amazing place with beautiful homes and great shopping but I truly love living in Cape Coral and then blessed to be a long time residential real estate agent here. I have really gotten to know this area so much and am proud to call it home. If I can ever help you find your perfect Southwest Florida home just reach out to me.

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